Shopify is an excellent platform for those who want to start an eCommerce store online but have no technical knowledge about coding and website development. Shopify is an easy software and using it makes website development easy for everyone. 

Here are some tips for setting up a Shopify store in Pakistan. Follow the guidelines and we ensure you that soon your store will be launched online.

Get started with signup

Before getting into an eCommerce store, initially, you need an attractive name for your store. Unique names are easy to remember and clients may revisit the website. So, now go ahead and signup with Shopify, add a store name and other related information. After this, you will land on the dashboard of Shopify. 


Shopify is simple and easy for you. Once you reach the dashboard then it will guide you through all the things you need to add to your store. Going towards the product, here are some tips you can follow.

Go to the products button and then click add products. After that, you will be asked to add the details about the product such as title, description, pricing, images, inventory, and shipping. Add all the relevant information and hit the save button.


You can also customize your Shopify store. Go to dashboard, homepage, then click customize the theme. You can choose the theme according to the brand color of your company. In addition, you can add a logo. Just add them and check them, and change them according to your requirement. No need for coding is required at this stage. You can also browse free and paid themes to find the best for your store.

Payment methods

For online stores, it is necessary to add payment details. Shopify has some options and you can pick any of them according to your site requirements. 

Purchase a domain

Finally, you will require a domain to let the audience reach your store. You can buy a domain name from any domain registrar in pakistan. Moreover, the domain is the site identity so it should be unique. For Pakistan-based stores, it is recommended to go with .pk domains because these are easy to rank and help in building audience trust. You can also buy a domain from and get started. 

Besides this, if you already have a domain then you can link it to your Shopify store and get started. We hope you will find a domain name.

Final Words

Shopify is an excellent platform to start your online eCommerce store. It requires no coding and everyone can easily start an attractive store online. Buy a domain name that is memorable and easy with a nice Pakistani web hosting. Add an attractive theme, and customize your store with attractive product images and other details. You will also require to add a payment method so customers can easily make payments online. 

Shopify has made online store development easy. We hope you will be able to launch your website soon.